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About Us


At Fresh Roots Nutrition, we know that many people struggle with digestive issues for years with no answers which can greatly impact their quality of life. ​

Traci Komorek founded Fresh Roots Nutrition in 2015 to relieve clients of their digestive issues by way of functional testing and discovering the root cause of the problem. 


About Traci

I started my career at Concord Hospital. I soon discovered my passion was in preventative health. I saw too many times the negative consequences of the restrictive food/shake industry and wanted to create a space where I had time with my patients, to listen and use food as medicine. With our busy schedules and specialized health care model, I felt a need to create a practice where we look at health and wellness in a more holistic way. Especially in the areas of GI health, patients were continually coming to me with debilitating symptoms they had been dealing with for years with no answers. I have specialized in gut health to give my patients the answers with functional testing and results they are looking for. I created Fresh Roots also to have the balance to raise my family and have the career I wanted. I love to shop at farmers markets and local farms. You will see me out swimming a lake, biking the road, hiking a mountain or skiing the local Nordic trails all season long with my family.


1999 - 2003

Food and Nutrition Science Degree
Plattsburgh State University

2003 - 2005

Dietetic Internship Program
Keene State College

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