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Mission Statement

I believe food is medicine.  There is no one food plan for everyone.  I take a functional medicine approach to nutrition.  I listen to your symptoms and health conditions and look at labs and recommend missing labs and tests to discover the root of the issues.  Together we create a treatment plan that can meet your goals.


On the Scales

Reasons to Visit

Seeing a Holistic/Functional Registered Dietitian can help YOU to improve your health, energy, and physical performance, clarify which food choices best fit your body, improve most medical conditions AND motivate and empower you to keep making healthy choices. 


My areas of greatest interest are:


Gut Issues





Autoimmune Disease


Thyroid Disorders

Food Intolerances

Heart Health - High Cholesterol

High Blood Pressure

Local/Organic Eating

Exercise Nutrition

Meal Planning

And More

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